HOZEN Brazil

HOZEN Brazil – a new reality in 2022!

HOZEN has taken an important step in its history, which began in 2002! With offices in Portugal (where its headquarters are located) and in Mozambique, the company started its operations in South America since February 2022, with the opening of an HOZEN Brazil office in the city of Taubaté, São Paulo.

With activities carried out in countries such as Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and others, gains of up to 9 million Euros were achieved for its customers in a single project. The services offered to the region include process optimization and waste reduction (continuous improvement), the development and monitoring of programs and projects, Engineering in addition to Lean Six Sigma and training adapted to the needs of companies.

“Our studies and operations aim to meet the requirements and needs of our customers, with the highest level of quality and excellence, carrying out projects that bring a quick return on investment and that produce greater profit for them”, said Ruan Carlo Ferreira, Business Development Manager at HOZEN in Brazil.

The company’s strategy consists of long-term relationships and the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships, by offering short and medium-term projects that directly impact the improvement of its customers processes. “We offer a diagnostic study completely free of charge, where the solutions will be presented to the customers so that the decision to contract the enterprise can be taken”, says CEO Rui Silva.

Rui Silva, is also very excited about the new investment, a decision taken after carrying out a study of the local market, where it was possible to verify the demand and supply potential: “In Europe we have active projects with several large and medium-sized customers, in the automotive, metallurgical, food, aeronautical sectors, among others. The South American market proved to be very attractive due to the size and potential of the industry. We believe that here, too, we can contribute to the optimization of our customers productive efficiency”.

For expansion, HOZEN continues to follow its policy of hiring senior local employees and consultants, offering them and customers the support of the technical support base in Portugal. In addition, HOZEN Academy training and training programs will also be available for the new region, with on-demand, on-site or online courses and open courses – all with European certification!

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